The Babadook (2015) Review

Most consider this to be one of the scariest movies of the decade…



My Rating: 3/5

(Spoilers are Noted Below.)

After at least twenty different people said to me, “You haaaaave to watch this movie, it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!” I sucked it up, turned off all the lights, held my dog tight, and pressed play on the remote.

For the first time since I was a child, I thought for a fact that this movie was going to scare me.  I was ready to be scared.  So there I was, sitting on my couch in the dark with the stupidest smile plastered across my dumb face, hoping I would not be able to fall asleep later.

And then it happened, for better or worse… The Babadook.



Amelia, a single mother who’s plagued by the death of her husband, discovers that her (horrible) son, Sam, is telling the truth about a monster that has escaped from a children’s book and is terrorizing their lives.



From the beginning of the film it is clear that Amelia’s relationship with her son, Sam, is a hard one, to say the least.  Sam is clingy, he’s needy, he is badly behaved, and he loves his mother like how a serial killer loves their mother.

The first part of this movie is really just to show you how much strength Amelia has since she hasn’t launched that hellish brat out of a moving car, yet.  (Seriously, this kid is awful.) 

On top of dealing with a demon of a child, Sam unintentionally causes Amelia frequent flashbacks of her husband’s violent demise, because she secretly blames Sam for the accident.

(Spoilers Start HERE.)

giphy (1)

At bedtime, Sam finds a book in his collection that wasn’t there before… MISTER BABADOOK.  This pop-up book is absolutely terrifying.  The story is morbid as hell, and it explicitly details how the Babadook torments it’s victims, and explains that it never leaves until the victims are dead.


Of course, after this, Sam is convinced the Babadook is inside their house, as any normal child would after reading some weird sh*t like that!

Because Sam keeps obsessing over the Babadook, Amelia shreds the book to pieces and throws it in the trash outside, only to find it back on her front porch the next day completely intact.  This time, the book has a few extra pages depicting the violent death of Sam, Amelia, and their dog.  (Foreshadowing, yes?)

After this there are some other foreshadows of Amelia and Sam’s untimely demise.  For example, the news channel on their television shows “single mother and child murder suicides” multiple times throughout the movie.  (Work of the Babadook, perhaps?)

Things start getting a little strange after the book mysteriously arrives back at the house.   The Babadook starts being spotted around the house by Amelia at random times!  While she’s in bed at night, behind Sam in the living room, etc.  Then one night- it finally happens!  Amelia becomes possessed by the Babadook.

She murders their dog in cold blood and then makes an attempt to murder Sam, when surprisingly, he stops being a little b*tch and stabs his psycho mother in the leg, before he’s dragged up into his bedroom by an unseen force.  (Go Sam!)

the babadook 02

This is when my favorite thing happens!  Amelia, all possessed and feelin’ some type of way, grabs onto the door frame of Sam’s bedroom and swings her entire body backwards, and then slams herself into his door over, and over, and over, until she gets inside.  (Words can’t completely convey how terrifying this part is.)

Once she breaks into her room and has the chance to kill her Ed Gein of a son, Sam’s loving heart ends up breaking Amelia’s possession and the Babadook runs into the basement like a scared punk a** b*tch where it stays, and they all live happily ever after.

Oh, and they feed the f*ckin Babadook worms from time to time, or whatever.  Uh, cool, I guess?




More like baba-don’t go into this with high hopes and you won’t be tremendously disappointed.

After the mass amount of hype surrounding this movie, I felt SO let down.  I felt betrayed by my community.

I wanted to see them DEAD!  Just like the ENTIRE MOVIE foreshadowed!  All that foreshadowing, for what?!  The family has a PET F*CKIN’ BABADOOK IN THE BASEMENT NOW!?


Before I get crucified, I am NOT saying this movie is not a decent film.  The movie’s symbolism is great.  (The Babadook being a manifestation of Amelia’s depression after the loss of her husband.)  I totally respect and understand that.  However, if that’s your only argument for why this movie is good, then consider the film a drama. 


What I AM saying is that so many people find this movie “scary, it’s so scary!” and while yes, depression is scary, this movie is not.  If you watched this movie and focused on it’s symbolism, you’ll most likely consider this a deep, sad, and well done film with a great message.


If you’re one of the people who took this movie at face value, without it’s symbolism, and found this it scary, what I want to know is….

What about this movie makes it the scariest movie of the decade?  What’s scary about a pet Babadook-dook-dook chillin’ in your basement eating worms?

Ugh, with all that being said…

The Babdook IS original as hell.  It’s creepy at times, and it’s a very fresh and entertaining take on depression issues.  The acting was fantastic, the cinematography was beautiful, and the film was very well written.

Obviously, my beef lies with the ending as well as it’s title as the “scariest” horror movie of this decade.

Tell me what you think, but be nice and remember, we’re all allowed to have an opinion.


2 thoughts on “The Babadook (2015) Review

  1. Thanks for your review. I liked this film for the most part and have been meaning to discuss it on my blog for some time. I think I found the film scarier than you did, but you allude to the ridiculous nature of the ending (storing a pet babadook in the basement) and I completely agree with that. While I enjoyed most of the film and thought the “horror timing” built suspense well, the ending detracts from the film’s merit and overall creepiness.


    1. Thank you for reading my review! I’m glad you agree regarding the ending, I absolutely agree that it took away from all the suspense and timing that was built. The rest of the movie was beautiful, while I was watching it my expectations for the ending kept getting higher and higher! What a let down!

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