Creep (2014) Review

Only rated 1 1/2 stars on Netflix, but I beg to differ…


creep cover

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

(Spoilers Noted Below.)


Filmed in a found footage-esqu style, Creep is about videographer, Aaron, who is hired by a very friendly and positive man, Josef, who claims to be dying of a brain tumor and doesn’t anticipate being alive for the birth of his first child.

Josef leads Aaron around to make a documentary for his son to remember him by, but Aaron soon finds out that Josef is not only a pathological liar, he is extremely dangerous and has very bad intentions.

both guys


Boy does this movie know how to make you uncomfortable!

When Aaron arrives at Josef’s house in the woods, you can’t help but fall in love with Josef.  He’s so positive about his brain tumor and leaving a heartfelt video behind for his unborn son, it just makes you so sad for him.  He’s also very kind to Aaron, almost like they’ve been best friends forever, who seems partially awkward by Josef’s attitude and video request.

tubby time

The first thing Josef has Aaron do is film him during “tubby time,” where Josef gets into the bathtub and acts as though he’s giving his son a bath.  (Weird.)  What starts as a (debatably) fun time, suddenly gets dark when Josef starts questioning whether he should drown himself since he’s not going to live much longer anyway, and proceeds to slide his head under the water.  Aaron panics, and Josef jumps up and giggles about the “joke” he just made.

This is the first time you start to question Josef’s sanity, but it certainly won’t be the last.

On the way outside to get some fresh air after being creeped to sh*t, Aaron finds a strange werewolf mask in the closet that Josef directed him to for a coat.  Josef then puts on the wolf mask and dances to a horrifying song he sings about his wolf character, “Peachfuzz.”  (Uncomfortable AF.)

finding peachfuzz

From there, they go to find a *miracle* spring of sorts in the woods, where Josef pulls some more weird type of sh*t where he scares Aaron in order to help him realize what an “incredible” feeling it is when you think you’re going to die… (Yeeeeeeeeah.)  He then proceeds to ask Aaron really strange questions about death, Aaron’s own death specifically.

miracle hug

Then, at a diner, Josef decides to open up to Aaron about his “shameful” moment when he followed Aaron around and took photos of him before he arrived to his house.

Once back at the cabin, Aaron tells him he is going to head home for the night, clearly uncomfortable after the diner conversation.  Josef insists that Aaron stays for one drink to commemorate the day, and Aaron gives into his request.

(Spoilers Start HERE.)

After a drink, Josef keeps Aaron there longer by telling him a secret, which is that he caught his wife watching animal pornography four years early and then raped her wearing the “peachfuzz” mask.

Aaron, clearly panicking, decides to look for his keys and leave… but his keys are nowhere to be found.  Aaron offers to make Josef a drink, which he laces with Benadryl, so he can make his escape.   (Smart boy!)

While Josef is passed out, his cell phone rings.  Aaron answers his call to find out that Josef doesn’t have a wife, his “wife” is his actually sister, and she tells Aaron to GET THE F*CK OUT OF THERE BECAUSE HER BROTHER IS A F*CKING LUNATIC!

Aaron hangs up the phone and goes to make his exit, but before doing so, he confronts Josef (who is awake now) regarding the lies he’s been telling about his “wife,” “child,” and “brain tumor.”  Joseph runs away from the confrontation.

When Arron reaches the door, blocking his exit is none other than Peachfuzz, grinding his hips, growling, and making sexual advances towards Aaron. (Scary as hell.)

peachfuzz blocking door

After a tussle, Aaron makes it out alive… but it’s not over!  Josef knows where Aaron lives.

Joseph starts sending Aaron things that allude to his violent capabilities.  For example, videos of himself digging graves, a knife, a stuffed animal baby wolf, (which Aaron has been dreaming about), and a locket with both of their photos in it.  Josef suggests that Aaron should get prepared to grow from a baby wolf to a full-grown adult wolf…  And then Josef starts showing up inside Aaron’s house.  (Even cuts some of his hair off while he’s sleeping.)

creep in doorway of arrons house

The last DVD that Aaron receives, is of Joseph explaining that he is aware of his wrong behavior, apologizing for all the weird sh*t he’s done, and admitting that he has mental problems.  He explains that he has no friends, has nothing in his life, and asks for Aaron to meet up with him in order to explain himself and make things right.

Aaron, feeling very sorry for Josef and wanting to believe that there is some amount of good in him, goes to the spot in the video to meet.

In Joseph’s video, there was a bench that sits in the open along a beautiful lake.  Aaron sets up a camera facing the bench and puts 911 on his speed dial, anticipating the worst, and proceeds to the bench to wait.

After watching Aaron sit on the bench in silence for what seems like forever, Josef comes behind him, slips his “Peachfuzz” mask on, creeps up behind him slowly, and hacks into his head with a fireman’s axe.  The sound of the connection I can only describe as chilling and extremely realistic.


The video then pauses, and Josef turns the camera to face himself, and gives Aaron (who’s now dead) advice about how he was too kind, too trusting, and shouldn’t have wanted to believe that there was any good in him, and this why he will always love Aaron.

It’s then clear, after Josef puts the video of Aaron’s death in a stack of hundreds, that it wasn’t his first time at the rodeo, and it won’t be his last.


Written and directed by Patrick Brice, who plays Aaron, and Mark Duplass, who plays Josef, CREEP is a MASTERPIECE.

Every second of this movie was a pleasure.  Creative, creepy, smart, and acted brilliantly, Creep did exactly that, it creeped me the f*ck out.

Some may complain that Aaron should’ve never gone to see Josef in the end of this movie, right?  After everything Josef put him through, it was a really stupid thing to do, right?!  However, I believe Aaron saw a piece of himself in Josef.

This became obvious to me when in the end of the film Aaron didn’t call his friends to let him know where he was, he put 911 on speed dial and that was it.  He never called his parents to let them know what was happening, and as a matter of fact, throughout the entire movie Aaron didn’t have anyone to reach out to.  This makes me feel like he may have been just as lonely as he thought Josef was, and that’s why he wanted to believe that there was some good in him despite all the awful things he had done.

For some reason, this scared me more than anything.  More realistic than ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and demons, is someone who’s going to take advantage of your kindness and will to believe in the good in people.

As someone who tries to see the good in the worst people, this stalker/murderer concept really got to me.

What did you think about CREEP!?  Good?  Bad?  Stupid?  Scary?  Tell me about it, stud.





2 thoughts on “Creep (2014) Review

  1. I too, find this film to be completely amazing. It was the first film I watched in a long time that made me feel the way “Creep” did. The acting is incredible, the story is pretty original, and it really keeps you guessing for the entire length of the film. Great review.


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