Dead and Breakfast (2004) Review

“It’s like a bad horror movie, only worse…”

Dead and Breakfast

cover 2

My Rating: **** 

4/5 Stars

(Spoilers are noted below.)


In this b-rated horror-comedy rockabilly flick, a group of friends on a road trip stop at a bed and breakfast where they accidentally unleash an evil possession upon a town of hillbillies.


On the way to a wedding, a group of friends stay the night at a bed and breakfast that was recommended by a rockabilly band at the gas station.  The energy is super hostile in the B&B because the owners don’t like the asshole kids very much, with good reason… because they’re total assholes.


One of the owners has a very strange box in the house that one of the girls notices immediately, but she avoids it after asking a few questions in turns in for the night.

All the friends leave the worst of all the idiots, David, downstairs alone, where he stumbles into the kitchen and sneaks into the refrigerator for a late night snack.   His girlfriend, Kate, goes to check up on him.  When she flips on the light switch in the kitchen, one of the owners lying in a bloodbath with a knife jutting out of his throat behind David.  This produces a beautiful scene where David slips around in blood for a solid 45 seconds of pure gold.

owner dead

The other kids are upstairs fighting to save the life of the second owner, who is dying of a heart attack, what great timing!

The police end up taking a suspect into custody for the murder, who the friends had run into at the gas station, and it turns out the suspect had a bunch of illustrations of the strange box on him.

Sarah and Christian immediately recognize that the illustration is of the box from the B&B, but little do they know their friend, Jonny, had knocked it over and released an unseen evil.

(Spoilers Start NOW.)

death at bbq

All the local hillbillies and the city-slickers are gathered at a local bar for a hoedown BBQ to get loose, but Jonny arrives with the box, and he is severely possessed.  He snatches some hair off of a police officer, sticks it inside the box to steal his soul, and then the police officer starts shooting all the hillbillies, who all come back to life as a tool of the DEVIL!  (Waooo!)

The city slickers start kicking some major ass, until Christian (the hottest one, of course,) gets beheaded.  They remaining friends, one officer, and the suspect, hop into a car and book it the f*ck out of there back to the B&B.

On the way into the house, David smacks his head off the steps because he’s stupid and clumsy as hell.

Once inside, the suspect explains to them that Jonny needs to die for the entire ordeal to stop, since he’s the one who opened the box, and in order to do that they need to dig up the bones of the man who started this all… the owner who died of a heart attack.

jonny outside bb

Jonny comes back to the house with a massive group of possessed hicks, and hilarious banter ensues between Jonny, Kate, and David.  While David, Kate, and Sara stay at the house, the the officer, suspect, and Melody escape to dig up the owner’s body down the street.

One thing this movie doesn’t lack is humor and gore.  Between David and Kate arguing about past lovers, heads are blown in half over and over while the most hilarious rap/rockabilly band is performing outside and the possessed hillbillies perform an impressive line dance.

line dance

Jonny ends up collecting David’s blood off the steps and steals his soul.  David kills his Kate with a lead pipe, and then Sara chainsaws David’s head off, which is a wonderful scene where David is dancing around the house spewing blood all over the place while trying to pull the chainsaw out of his neck.

The group exhuming the body is successful and they bring back the bones to the B&B, where they finally kill Jonny.

Muh Feelsies:

Do you like laughing?  Do you like absurdly horrible b-rated horror comedy?  Do you enjoy practical effects?  Have you ever liked rockabilly music?  If so, this is going to be your SH*T.

The entire movie is narrated by a rockabilly band whose lyrics are beyond funny and ridiculous.  The characters are written to be absurdly humorous and the blood and brains are off the chain!


I can only say, if you’re in the mood for blood and laughs at the same time, pick up this movie from Amazon and give it a watch.  I certainly think it’s worth viewing at least once or twice.

Comment below and let me know what you thought of this atrocity! 


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