Run, Hide, Die (2012) Review

“Five girls, one secret.  Revenge stalks them in the night.”



My Rating: 5/5 Stars


Five young and totally badass chicks head to a cabin to help their friend party through the anniversary of her husbands death, when vengeance comes for them one by one.

My Review:

So, February was the month to celebrate women in horror!  However, I like to celebrate women in horror ALL the time.  And if you like women, and you like horror… Jesus lawwwwd is this movie a must see!

This film is one of the very few horror movies I have ever seen that accurately depicts women.  It’s truly a Hulu gem.

walking thru woods

The main characters all have very different personalities, except for what they have in common is they’re all hilarious, crude, vulgar, tough, caring, and 100% realistic.  And let me note, their humor is on POINT!

While I was watching the girls party and banter before things went south, I actually felt like they were my friends!  I felt like I knew them all, as if I was right there with them drinking around the campfire.   I’m not sure about you, but for me this is not an easy task to accomplish since I’m just so damn hateful!

campfire drinking

And, dare I say it?… Ugh, I actually didn’t want to see these ladies die.  (I know, right?!  What the f*ck!?)  But, in my defense, you truly start to fall in love with them!

The time period of the movie is a little bit hard to pin point, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say the film takes place in the mid 80’s.

I’m guessing this because one of the opening scenes features an original Nintendo and a f*cking LAND LINE PHONE.  They girls never use cell phones!

Additionally, the wardrobing and styling is relevant to the 1980’s, but unfortunately it’s not very authentic.  (It’s as if Forever 21 made a cheap 80’s line for teen girls with no fashion sense, but don’t worry!  It’s not distracting.)

the girls

Now, onto the goods!

Once sh*t starts to go downhill it’s brutal and torturous, both physically and psychologically.

Without giving too much away, all the girls are brought to a room where the kidnappers show no mercy.  They let the girls know they mean business by killing one of them almost immediately and torturing the others ruthlessly, all the while teasing them in an amazing white trash fashion.

duct tape

The main captor has an especially sharp tongue and is entertaining as all hell!  I absolutely adored her as the villain and thought she was more cruel, degrading, and creative than most.

So, not only is the acting believable in this film, the effects are also wonderful.  It’s gory, but not overly gory, and the torture looks good enough that you can almost feel it yourself.

blonde girl still

These girls are very smart, and they do not go down without a fight.  With five badass chicks versus two crazy white trash trailer parkers with a score to settle, the battle is as entertaining as it is brutal.

There’s also a horrendous twist at the end- but again… I won’t give that away.  I recommend you check it out for yourself because it’s 115 minutes of solid gold.

Streaming now on Hulu.

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6 thoughts on “Run, Hide, Die (2012) Review

    1. Thanks for reading my review and making such a rad female positive film! My roommate and I absolutely adored it. I will check out the directors cut because I have a feeling it will be fantastic! ❤


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