About Me

Books, Food, and Pets

My name is Ande. I’m 32 years young and I live in the Zombie Capital, Pittsburgh, PA! I have two dogs, Guillermo and Anya, and a rabbit named Cabbage! They are the loves of my life! 

I read a ton of books! I absolutely LOVE reading. On this blog, you’ll mostly see horror, mystery, thriller, and true crime reviews, but the occasional romance novel may slip in there too. I’ve been book blogging for a couple years now, and although life has thrown some curve balls and it may not be as consistent as it used to be, I have no plans of stopping! 

Although this blog used to be exclusively book reviews, I wanted to open it up to include my recipes too, because… Well… I can! 🙂 Because as of recently, I also cook a ton of vegan food.

I am hoping that some of my recipes can help people! I know that sounds a little lame, but by going vegan and soy-free in 2021, I have essentially cured my cystic acne.

I was previously taking spironolactone for almost 10 years, but I was worried about the long term effects of being on medication. After doing some research on how the food we put in our bodies can effect our health, I decided going vegan and soy-free would be worth a shot, and I was not let down! (If you want to hear more about that journey specifically, you can click here!)

Anyway, whether you’re here for the recipes, the book reviews, or maybe both, I really hope you enjoy and I look forward to making friends with you! 



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