Reflection on 2019, and Reading Goals for 2020

2019 Reflection:

As we say goodbye to the 2019 year, I’m sure all of us have had both ups and downs to reflect on. There are things we are proud of, and things that we are not.

Focusing on the positive only, I must say that I am proud to have started this blog, entered the book lovers community, and met so many new and interesting people to share thoughts with.

In 2019, with all of my weekly to-do’s, I often felt very overwhelmed. Regardless of the little time I had to myself, I also had a strong desire to focus on my other hobbies. (Like painting, glitch art, learning Korean, and reading.)  It just seemed impossible, so for a few years my other interests and passions fell by the waist side.

A few months ago, I started looking at my time under a microscope. I got my priorities in order and figured out ways to spread out my responsibilities so that I could set aside me time. Sure, I can’t pick up all of my hobbies in the spare time that I set aside, I do have to sleep, but I finally made a choice to focus my energy on one of them so I am not feeling so lost anymore.

In the end, I randomly ended up in a Barnes and Noble when my boyfriend wanted coffee. Without even realizing it, I had checked out with 7 books. That night I read one. The next day I finished another.


2020 Pact:

As we start 2020, lets all make a pact to do everything within our power to make it a good year!

Lets always find a way to set aside time for self care. Whether that’s books, movies, bath bombs, laying around on the couch, dinner with friends, or walking alone through the woods.

Lets only focus on the things that are within our control and promise to do whatever we can to make 2020 the best year possible!

2020 Reading Goals:

One thing that motivates me significantly is goals. It’s such a great feeling when you have accomplished something, so achieving goals is sort of its own form of self care!

Also, according to Book Baby Blog, reading improves your heath because it helps you to relax, so it ends up lowering your stress significantly. It also helps you expand your creative horizons, sharpen your decision making skills, and can make you a better leader. Those are all good things to work on in the New Year, don’t you think?!

Because I am new to the book community, I am not sure what an average reading goal is!

I suppose my goal would be reading one book a week, which means my goal for 2020 would be to read 52 books.

Do you have any suggestions? Does 52 sound like too much?

What is your 2020 reading goal?

What are the things you’d like to focus on in the New Year?



3 responses to “Reflection on 2019, and Reading Goals for 2020”

  1. Happy 2020! I wish you all the books you can possible read, and a few spare. I’m going to try to read one per week. I also wish you peace!

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