The Window | Amelia Brunskill | Book Review

Twins can be creepy sometimes; not all the time, but sometimes.

I have some amazing friends and family members who are twins and they are not scary at all. However, we all have seen the parent trap with Lindsay Lohan… Need I say more?

But this book isn’t actually about creepy twins for once! Instead, The Window is about creepy things happening to a set of non-creepy twins, which is sort of refreshing, right?

Well, they were twins, until one mysteriously died.


Since Jess and Anna are twins, Jess believes she knows her sister better than anyone in the world. Unfortunately for Jess, that belief is shattered the day that Anna is found dead below her bedroom window.

Everyone seems to think it was an accident or possible suicide, but Jess thinks that something is off. Why was Anna leaving in the middle of the night? Who was she meeting? Where was she going? And why didn’t she tell Jess about her late night adventure?

Once Jess starts to dig into finding the truth, she also starts finding out how little she actually knew of her sister’s life. Jess is forced accept the painful reality that Anna didn’t want her to be included on any her secrets, and there are many.

Desperate for answers, Jess works diligently to find out exactly what happened that night, unraveling secret… after secret… but Anna wasn’t the only one hiding the truth, and just how far did the killer go to bury theirs?

My Thoughts:

(No spoilers.)

My friend Lauren and I do a book exchange and is very fun! We’re long distance friends, so not only does this keep the conversations going, but it also takes each of us out of our book comfort zones. It gives us the chance to read things we otherwise maybe wouldn’t have picked out ourselves. The Window was one of the books she sent me!

I read The Window within a day, so I’d say it has a very “page-turner” like quality. However, I did have trouble relating to or enjoying the majority of the characters in the book. (Maybe I wasn’t supposed to?) I related to Jess the most, but Anna was very unlikable and their relationship frustrated me.

As kids, Jess and Anna were very close, but as they started to grow up they also started grow apart. Jess was very shy and introverted, whereas Anna became more outgoing, athletic, and she found a big group of new friends, which Jess wasn’t a part of. To make matters worse, as Jess starts uncovering the truth about Anna’s life, it becomes painfully clear that Anna did everything she could to keep Jess out. This broke my heart!

Twins are supposed to be close, Anna, why’d you do her like that!? (I mean you will find out why, but I’m just saying… Heartless, Anna! Shame!)

With that said, the mystery aspect to this novel was super fun to solve, which made for a relaxing read. While some novels throw in so many damn twists and turns that you can’t even tell which way is up, The Window was not like that at all. The pieces come together seamlessly in the end and the hints were there all along if you were keen on catching them. I loved that!

I don’t read Young Adult books very often, but it was a fun, interesting, and surprising mystery about a group of teenagers; what’s not to love?

It’s like re-living your youth!… Plus a murder.

As long as you go into it knowing it’s not a high stress or super intense mystery, I think you’ll really enjoy this.

My rating: ★★★★

Have you read The Window, or any of Amelia Brunskill’s novels? What did you think?

I’m always dying to know.



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