Green Monthly Book Box Subscription

I Just Wanna Be Fresh

I am becoming a book addict. Every couple weeks when I get paid, I check my Barnes & Noble and Amazon wishlists, add one or two books to my cart, checkout, and viola! A new book arrives at my door step in 2 days. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

But recently I started wondering if I am ordering too many books of the same kind. (Just like boys, I do have a type.) The last thing I want to do is accidentally make my reading list stale!

Wanting to step out of my book comfort zone a little more and expand my horizons, I started researching the options there are for monthly book box subscriptions. There are themes available which include: horror and true crime, mysteries and coffee, tea and thrillers, and chocolate and romance, all of which sound great! But they were very expensive ($30-$40 per box) and none of them fully suited me enough to justify the price.

Just when I was giving up hope, I stumbled upon Used Books Monthly.

Used Books Monthly

Before I continue, I want to note that have no affiliation with Used Books Monthly. This is not a paid or endorsed advertisement.  I am just genuinely excited about the discovery of this monthly box and wanted to share with all of my fellow book lovers.

Their mission statement is great! They’re dedicated to finding new readers for used books, keeping author’s works in circulation, being good to the environment, and expanding your book collection at an affordable cost.

That’s right! Affordable cost. It’s only $5.79 a box! This includes one book per month including shipping! You can upgrade to 2 books a month for $9.99/month. Both options are so affordable in comparison to the other book boxes out there! And it makes me feel as though I am rescuing an old, unloved, lonely little book… I’m its hero! ❤️

The genre options are: Mystery, General Fiction, General Non-Fiction, Action/Adventure, and Romance. You can change genres any time! For now, I picked the mystery option.

It’s a nice little surprise every month and no two people receive the same book! (How cool!) While it is possible you might receive a book you do not like, for $5.79 a month I feel like it’s a chance I am willing to take. You run that risk with any subscription box, don’t you?

Not to mention, buying used books is green, and green is good. Recycling is what’s up, and this is not just limited to your plastics and cans. According to recent studies, buying a used book online save 7.1lbs of CO² emissions per book!

I’m not saying I won’t be buying any new books, but I always want to do what I can, when I can, to help the environment. Additionally, I am not above a used item. (I even buy used shoes… I know, sort of gross, but whatever. Let me live.)

Even if you don’t find this as exciting as I did, I wish you luck in always keeping your book collection fresh.

Let me know of any other subscriptions/monthly boxes that you know of that keep your collection going!



3 responses to “Green Monthly Book Box Subscription”

  1. Congratulations! That’s quite a find. Personally, I love the heft and smell of print books. Unfortunately, my reading addiction is so advanced I’ve had to switch to eBooks. Yes, you get used to it after a while.

    I’ve recently donated the bulk of my print books to block lending mini-libraries; where people trade books. Here in the Maryland suburbs they call them “Take a book/leave a book. It’s green and benefits many teenagers who would otherwise not read because of the expense. Six bucks are a lot of money for kids on an allowance.

    Enjoy your book box and consider block exchange points when you have an overflow of print magic.


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