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Some people are lucky enough to have met their soulmates at a young age, while in school, or in casually while out and about, and therefore never had to go through the woes of online dating. For those of you who this applies to, I sincerely envy you.

If you’re like me, then you went through years and years of first dates trying to find the right one. However, as you get older and less tolerant of people’s bullshit, this ends up being a much more difficult task than one would expect.

For me, dating online wasn’t a last resort, in fact, in today’s day and age, it was practically the only resort.

Dating, in general, is scary. Will they like me? Will I make a good impression? Will they notice if I only shave up to my knees? πŸ˜‚ (For real though, ladies… don’t act like you haven’t tried to get away with that at least once.)Β 

Now, add an extra layer of nerves because you met them online: Are they really the person in their profile photo? Are they aaaaactually 6′-2″? What if they are planning to kill me?Β 


Recently separated from her husband, Alison Taylor decides to meet a new man, using a dating app, at the insistence of her friends. Hesitant, but feeling as though she needs to move on, Saturday night Ali finally takes the plunge into singleness by meeting an online suitor for drinks at a night club.

Sunday morning, when Ali wakes up, her head is stuck to her pillow with dried blood and she has no recollection of the night before. She is hurt, she is scared, and she is confused. To make matters worse, when Ali makes it to the bathroom, she is unable to recognize the face that’s staring back at her in the mirror.

It turns out, on Saturday night, Ali suffered severe temporal lobe damage. How? She’s not sure, she can’t remember a damn thing. Now, Ali can’t recognize herself, her family, her friends, or the man who is actively trying to destroy her life.


(No Spoilers)

That’s right, this book starts with a bang, both figuratively and semi-literally.

I couldn’t put this book down. COULDN’T. PUT. IT. DOWN, MY FRIEND!

The first half of the novel takes off running full speed and it’s not long before the terror begins for both Ali and you, as the reader.

Ali’s new face blindness, which is a real and rare condition, is explained to us rather quickly while she’s at the hospital. (Long story short, she cannot recognize anyone’s face and it is permanent.) She’s then discharged and sent home just a few days later, completely befuddled and terrified.

Don’t worry, her brother will stop by to check on her from time to time. But, since he has an out of town business trip this week, it is just her and the dog left alone to figure this thing out for a while.

Except for she’s not alone at all, is she!?

Upon arriving home from the hospital, on her front porch awaits a dozen roses with a note that reads, “Enjoy the date, bitch?


He’s outside the house, he’s inside the house, he’s turning things on and moving things around, he’s sending her bloody articles of her missing clothing, cryptic messages, and Ali’s roommate is missing- WAIT…

Ali’s roommate is missing? And according to Mr. Psycho-Pants, Ali shouldn’t go to the police… Because the police just might be looking for HER!

*Breathes in deeply…*Β 

The creep factor of Ali being terrorized by a man she cannot remember and cannot recognize, combined with the fact that she is being implied as her roommate’s killer but has no memory of that night, is so friggin’ intense! It was almost too much for me to handle, my anxiety was through the roof! But I loved every second of it!

Jeez, Louise!

(No Spoilers)

Then came the twist… And another twist… And another twist… And then came the ending…

And I was so very disappointed.

I was on board with everything in this book up until the end, and all I will say is this; sometimes less is more, girl.Β 

My Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†

Have you read this one?! What are your thoughts?!

I always love to hear from you.



2 responses to “The Date | Louise Jensen | Book Review”

  1. A very effective review. Those three stars can kill. They did for me. When I open a book, I go for the whole book experience. Little disappoints more than a beer that loses its fizz before you finish it. With so many beers out there, why start it? Thanks!

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